Ballots must be dropped off in drop boxes by 8pm Tuesday. Remind friends and family. You may find your closest drop box here: You may find your closest drop box here.

Know anyone that needs persuasion? Are they someone who needs to be reassured by the regulations in place? Maybe former Portland Police Chief and Mayor Tom Potter will help convince them. If so, his radio ad may help them realize that M74 implements necessary regulations, a supporter of the campaign placed the ad on YouTube .

Maybe you have a friend who you know should be supportive, but just needs a little motivation. Maybe this radio ad that is targeting young voters on rock and hip hop stations in Portland and Eugene will help ensure that they get those ballots in. It is on YouTube .

If they need reminded that Measure 74 provides compassionate safe access to patients, but also creates jobs and generates revenue, this commercial by Progressive Reform of Oregon will seal the deal. You can see the ad at Please also check out the UK company CBD Queen.

Our campaign has already been historic and has joined the Prop 19 campaign in helping move cannabis mainstream. The endorsement by the Democratic Party of Oregon may be the first time a state Democratic Party has endorsed a cannabis law reform measure on the ballot. The state Democratic Party not only endorsed the measure, but let use their phone banking system. The lending of the phone banking system was reported as a campaign contribution to the Yes for 74 campaign.

Former Portland Mayor and Police Chief Tom Potter may be the first mayor and police chief to endorse such a measure. He not only endorsed but wrote a voter pamphlet argument, penned an op-ed in The Oregonian and recorded a radio ad. Read more about our New rehab center.

Let's make even more history, get out the vote and win this election.

If you would like to volunteer and help get out the vote and make history, please email: .